My Hands Were Clean by Tom Bradley

My Hands Were Clean
My Hands Were Clean
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's just ephing insanely brilliant
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You will either love this slim psycho-memoir-prose-poem-mind-trip or you will hate it. I can't imagine any reader falling in the middle. This is evocative, provocative, balls-out writing, and in all the love and hate to come, I want to cast the weight of one overwhelmingly normal, middle-aged literary warhorse on the love side.

MY HANDS WERE CLEAN goes down like Hunter S. Thompson, Salvador Dali, or the intricate work of that lady who tatted stories into lace during her tenure at a Victorian insane asylum. There are uncomfortable moments when you wonder if the author is pranking you and exhilarating moments when you feel like you're partying with Iggy Pop.

I salute any reader brave enough to take it on. Quoting from the opening pages: "The eating of some medium-strength acid might be in order."


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