Take That, Voices of Doom!

Reflecting on the irony of the fact that my high school typing teacher said no one would ever hire me if I couldn't type any faster than 35 words per minute (or get my head out of the clouds, which was a running theme among my high school teachers). Though I'm still barely competent as a typist, I do get paid to write books. But it all worked out, since I seldom *think* faster than 35 words per minute, anyway.

Moral of the story: High school teachers are seldom clairvoyant. I've known authors who've overcome dyslexia, poor spelling, and non-existent grammar skills to go on to great success in spite of "authorities" telling them they'd never make it. The real writer might forever have those "voices of doom" nattering in her head, but she is far too driven to tell her stories to listen to all the "reasons" she should set aside her dreams.

What negative prophecies have you overcome today?


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