Reading Order

Often, I am asked about the proper reading order of my romantic thrillers. As a reader, I've always hated feeling as if I've walked in on the middle of a series, so I've been very careful to write each book to truly stand alone. Whether you pick up my first, fifth, or fifteenth, I want each book to be enjoyable, suspenseful, and complete.

However, within my body of work, there are two pairs of books where your enjoyment will be enhanced if you read in order.

Set in Houston, Texas, the first pair is as follows:

1. Fade the Heat 2. Heat Lightning (features the continuing story of Luz Maria Montoya, the sister of Jack Montoya, hero of Fade the Heat.

Set in a small town in the bayou country that straddles the Texas-Louisiana border, the second two include:

1. Beneath Bone Lake 2. Touch of Evil (features Sheriff Justine Wofford, who was investigating the crime in Beneath Bone Lake.

If you're a careful reader, you may find subtler connections between the other stories, too, including secondary characters and locales mentioned/appeared in different books. There's even a fun "secret" connection among some of the epigraphs (the quotes that head up many of the chapters in the Montlake books) that my editor was unaware of until I pointed it out. For now, I'm keeping it a secret, but if you figure it out, be sure to post in the comments!

For those preferring to read in the order the books were originally written, here's that list as well:

Published by Montlake (Originally by Dorchester Publishing) 1. Fatal Error 2. Fade the Heat 3. The Deadliest Denial 4. Heat Lightning 5. Head On 6. The Salt Maiden 7. Triple Exposure 8. Beneath Bone Lake 9. Touch of Evil

Published by Harlequin. This books are a bit shorter, but all of them include the same blend of romance and suspense my other books are know for. 1. Deadlier than the Male (My novella, Lethal Lessons, appears with Sharon Sala's The Fiercest Heart.) 2. Capturing the Commando 3. Phantom of the French Quarter 4. Relentless Protector 5. Passion to Protect

Another book, The Colton Heir, is coming from Harlequin Romantic Suspense in November 2013.

Whether you're in it for the mystery, the suspense, the romance, of all three, thanks so much for your interest in my books, and I hope you'll find these lists helpful! Please let me know if I can help with other questions.


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