PW announces upcoming Swoosie Kurtz memoir PART SWAN, PART GOOSE

From todays Deal News in Publisher's Weekly:
Swoosie Gets Personal at Perigee 
Actress Swoosie Kurtz (who currently appears on the CBS sitcom Mike and Molly) sold her memoir, Part Swan, Part Goose, to Penguin’s Perigee imprint. Ian Kleinert at Objective Entertainment sold world rights to the book to Perigee’s John Duff. The book, scheduled for spring 2014, is subtitled An Uncommon Memoir of Womanhood, Work, and Family; Perigee said it will feature “just the right combination of personal misadventure, showbiz lore, and touching family history.” Kurtz is writing the book with Joni Rodgers.
Ten years ago, my agent had me make a wish list of people with whom I'd love to collaborate; Swoosie Kurtz was high on my list. I've loved her since she rocked Broadway in "Uncommon Women and Others". She's had an amazing career, but the focus of the memoir is her extraordinary relationship with her 98-year-old mother, author Margo Kurtz, and her late father, Col. Frank Kurtz, the most decorated fighter pilot of WWII.

Truly a dream gig for me: the research is fascinating, Swoosie's brilliantly funny and an absolute joy to work with, and our terrific editor at Perigee digs doing something more than the de rigueur celeb memoir. Can't wait to share this extraordinary book with smart readers!


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