Whuh-BAM! Ingrid Ricks' memoir HIPPIE BOY hits the NYT bestseller list!

Delighted to see Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story, a soaring coming-of-age memoir by Ingrid Ricks, hit the New York Times bestselling ebook list this week! I loved this book when it first came out almost two years ago, subsequently got to know Ingrid and was blown away by her vivacious spirit. She's definitely the grown woman version of the book's bright, ballsy kid who manages to survive adolescence with a well-meaning mother, tyrannical Mormon step-father and peripatetic tool salesman dad.

Below is my review of Hippie Boy: A Girl's Story, originally posted last year. (My very first video review, in fact, so I'm claiming a technology learning curve.) Toward the end, I mention looking forward to Ingrid's forthcoming FOCUS, which centers on the loss of her eyesight to Retinitis Pigmentosa. It came out a few months later, and I immediately bought and snarfed it up. Excellent, as I suspected it would be. On her Determined to See blog, Ingrid continues to chronicle the fight to save what little remains of her eyesight.

So how does a two-year-old release from a legally blind self-published author make it big, you wonder? Well, for starters, it's a terrific book by a talented author. Beyond that, I can only say that every once in a while, the universe gets it right.



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