It's personal (or "Why Nora Ephron is the patron saint of Stella's Umbrella")

Jerusha and I are excited about the web design coming together for Stella's Umbrella, our online "little shop around the corner" launching later this year. (Just in time for your laziest Christmas shopping ever!) It's a labor of love - for books, for readers, for authors and for the ancient oversoul that is storytelling. We plan to focus on fabulous indie, small and micro-press fiction, plus lots of poetry, memoirs and high quality ebook conversions of classics.

I don't know if "stuff we love" is the slickest business algorithm anyone ever came up with, but one of the few things Jerusha and I agree on is that in life and work, it's wise to focus on what actually matters to you. This great moment of Nora Ephron dialogue from "You've Got Mail" expresses it better than I can:

Indie authors: If you'd like us to consider your book to be featured in our inventory, email Jerusha at


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