Coming in November:THE COLTON HEIR

Twenty-mumble (yes, I've lost track for the moment) books after my first published novel came out in 1999, I still get that pulse-pounding burst of excitement whenever I'm sent the link to a new cover. This one's my very favorite of all my Harlequin books. Their art department has really outdone itself depicting drop-dead gorgeous horse whisperer Dylan Frick of The Colton Heir!

Here's a sneak peek of the cover copy:

Terror rises at Dead River Ranch in this intriguing Coltons of Wyoming romance

Wrangler Dylan Frick thought he knew his past—until a suspicion surfaces that he's the secret Colton heir who vanished from Dead River Ranch as a baby. Now his identity's in question, and his mother's murder is still unsolved. And he's thrown off course by the ranch's mysterious new maid, Hope Woods. The gun-wielding knockout has fear in her eyes and seems desperate to escape her own private danger. Defending Hope—and keeping her deadly secret—leaves them both open to unexpected passion. But will protecting her mean walking out of her life for good?
The Colton Heir does stand alone, but you'll enjoy it even more if you read it in its place, as Book 5 of the six-book Coltons of Wyoming mini-series from Harlequin Romantic Suspense. The books and authors involved are as follows:

The books of The Coltons of Wyoming miniseries:
Book 1: THE COLTON RANSOM by Marie Ferrarella    July 2013.
Book 2: Colton by Blood by Melissa Cutler   August 2013
Book 5: The Colton Heir by Colleen Thompson  November 2013
Participating in a multi-author series of this link was both an enormous challenge and an enormous load of fun! I feel so fortunate to have gotten to know some wonderful writers this way. Besides, when the editor who called to offer the project told my agent she envisioned this as "Downton Abbey meets Dallas," I was completely *there.* And so far (I've just finished reading the second title, Melissa Cutler's wonderful Colton by Blood) it's really living up to its promise. I can only hope that readers will agree!


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