Buy This Book: TJ Bennett's Dark Angel

I've been on a roll lately, reading so many memorable, distinctive books. Among them was Dark Angel, a "Gothic fairy tale romance" by talented historical romance author TJ Bennett.

Dark Angel (Entangled Edge, Oct. 21, 2013) is a lushly romantic retelling of Beauty on the Beast. Only this "Beast," the mysterious, stern lord of an island trapped in the mists of time, is destined to be tried--and tamed--by the beautiful young widow Catherine Briton, the sole survivor of a terrible shipwreck, as well as the only living soul to wash ashore in many an age. With its brooding (and seriously sexy) hero, its towering castle, and its magical secrets, Dark Angel reminded me of the great Gothics I used to love. And since TJ Bennett is (full disclosure) a critique partner of mine, I've been privileged to watch this story come to fruition and highly recommend you check it out!


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