Four books, one box, three bucks. Shaboom.

I've been boxed. Not like Rocky. Or like a turtle. But more like a turtle than like Rocky, but you know what I mean. Stella Link Books has released four of my novels in one sweet little ebook. Just $2.99 this week only, then it goes up to $6.99.

And then it's only available for another 60 days. Then it goes back in the vault, and you'll have to buy the books individually again. So I hope you'll grab it now.

Shaboom. Thank you. 

Stormy Sexy Crazy Sweet digital box set includes: 
The quiet suburban lives of two pregnant sisters are shattered and rebuilt in this poignant modern retelling of the Psyche and Eros myth. “Richly appealing…” ~ Library Journal (starred review) “Bittersweet…priceless…” ~ Chicago Tribune “Every character resonates with life.” ~ Southern Living Magazine

After Hurricane Katrina, a deadly game of cat and mouse unfolds and a stormy love affair is complicated by polarized politics and high-strung Southern families. “Vivid images… rich rounded characters… colorful, gutsy… a powerful book that deserves to be read both for the yarn it spins and for the real-life story it uncovers. Highly Recommended.” ~ Triskele Books Blog

CRAZY FOR TRYING (Barnes & Noble Discover Award finalist)
A reclusive Montana rancher falls in love with the voice of a late night disc jockey who turns out to be a young runaway struggling with body issues and a complicated past. “Think Jane Eyre with rock’n’roll.” Houston Press “Rodgers writes unconventional love scenes that scorch the pages.” ~ Orlando Sentinel “Refreshing and provocative…” Houston Chronicle

Agatha Christie and Dashiell Hammett offer clues to the hardboiled plot when a dishonored cop teams up with a free-spirited pulp fiction writer to solve a murder. “A deliciously quirky whodunnit woven with skill, humor and compassion.” ~ KND “Smart, sassy, hugely entertaining… a stinging critique of the publishing world.” ~ Reviews By Leila


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