What is Joni's List?

What are you reading?I ask everyone. My friends, my sisters, my kids, the lady sitting next to me on the airplane, any dude who dates my daughter. The answers break ice, spark conversations, and speak volumes about who we are. And when I hop online to buy my a book, those personal recommendations mean a lot to me.

The online book world is bloated with BS reviews. Fake raves, trolls flexing their muscles, blowholes who haven't read the book but can't resist venting. It's wise to "consider the source," right? How can we do that if we're not looking that person straight in the eye.

That's why all my reviews here will be personal unedited videos. Me talking to you. Reader to reader. And I'll try to keep it under two minutes so we can both get back to the book we're reading.

I'm a picky reader, but my reviews are overwhelmingly positive. If I love a book, I can't wait to talk about it. I'm happy to devote time and energy to sharing a great read. If I a book disappoints me, I'm not willing to invest additional time b*tching about it. I hate snark. Besides, that I very rarely finish reading a book I'm not enjoying, and I don't review books I haven't read.

I'm required by law to tell you that publishers, authors, and PR minions often send me books for free, but I don't read or review every book that comes my way. Whenever I can, I'll pass those freebies on to you, so subscribe for updates if you'd like to score publisher giveaways!

If you read a great book, let me know! I'd love to hear about it, and if I share your recommendation on my blog, I'll send you a free book as a thank you. :)

Peace, love & grooviness ~
Joni Rodgers


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