Author Toolbox: Snazzy QR cards from @Moo = perfect book event tchotchkes

Later this month, Foyles on London’s Charing Cross Road will host the Indie Author Fair, part of the London Book Fair Indie Author Fringe Festival. I'm thrilled to see the next wave coming: indie authors and indie bookstores FINALLY partnering in meaningful, mutually beneficial ways.

I was really hoping I could be at LBF this year, but alas, twas not to be. Next best thing to being there: I'm sharing a table at the Foyles event with Roz Morris, one of my Women Writing Women boxmates, via these nifty cover art cards.

I had them printed and sent directly to Roz by Moo allows you to design a mixed lot of cards with as many different images as you like. I chose six cover images and kept it simple on the back with a QR code that takes cardholder to my website. The Green paper (optional) is 100% recycled. Gotta love that.

When I entered Roz's shipping address, I was directed to Moo's UK site, which saved me the price of shipping overseas. Total cost for printing and shipping 200 cards: less than 40 quid. Roz flipped me this photo of the cards, which arrived at her flat in about a week and appear to be nice and sharp.

Thanks, Moo! I'll definitely be ordering another lot for general purposes.


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